Bern­hard Wess­ling: The Call of the Cranes

Cra­nes are enig­ma­tic birds. Only very litt­le is known about the beha­viour of the­se graceful dancers. The renow­ned natu­ra­list and cra­ne expert Bern­hard Wess­ling takes us on exci­ting and adven­tur­ous expe­di­ti­ons into their hid­den world and gets to the bot­tom of the myths sur­roun­ding the­se birds of hap­pi­ness. With the help of a spe­ci­al­ly deve­lo­ped bio­a­cou­stic method, Dr. Wess­ling stu­di­ed Eura­si­an, Red-Crow­ned, Sandhill and Who­o­ping Cra­nes, all in the wild. He has rese­ar­ched their intel­li­gence, social dyna­mics and com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and enga­ged in their pro­tec­tion. Impres­si­ve­ly illus­tra­ted and lively nar­ra­ted, this book pres­ents his fin­dings on their indi­vi­du­al­ly uni­que lives and rela­ti­onships, their abili­ty to adapt and sol­ve pro­blems, and their emo­ti­ons. His obser­va­tions allow us to del­ve deep­ly into the cra­nes' way of life and con­scious­ness, often demons­t­ra­ting the sur­pri­sing simi­la­ri­ties bet­ween humans and ani­mals. An ama­zing work about the spi­rit of dis­co­very, humi­li­ty and respect for natu­re in the tra­di­ti­on of Alex­an­der von Humboldt.

Cra­nes are among the most cap­ti­vat­ing birds on this pla­net. Dr. Wess­ling knows the­se birds, has accu­mu­la­ted a life­time of obser­va­tions on them, and has thought deep­ly about their abili­ties. In this book, he seeks to over­turn old ide­as about how the­se birds live, com­mu­ni­ca­te, and think. His reve­la­ti­ons sur­pri­se and delight and shed new light on an anci­ent avi­an family.

Jen­ni­fer Acker­man, aut­hor of the New York Times best­sel­ler The Geni­us of Birds and The Bird Way 

The Call of the Cra­nes is a mes­me­ri­zing, vivid, lyri­cal and reve­la­to­ry book. It tru­ly is a spec­ta­cu­lar book and a treasure!

Sy Mont­go­me­ry, natu­ra­list and aut­hor of 31 books (incl. the New York Times best­sel­ler The Soul of an Octo­pus: A Sur­pri­sing Explo­ra­ti­on into the Won­der of Consciousness) 

In this book, Bern­hard Wess­ling shares his fasci­na­ting sto­ries about cra­nes through pati­ent obser­va­tions and thoughtful conclusions.

Geor­ge Archi­bald, Co-Foun­der of the Inter­na­tio­nal Cra­ne Foun­da­ti­on, Seni­or Conservationist


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