Enikö Nagy

Enikö Nagy, born in Romania in 1979 to parents of Hungarian origin grew up in Germany where she worked as a social pedagogue in the fields of youth education and domestic violence. Having worked with NGOs on women and children related projects in Kenya since the age of 17 she has travelled extensively in East Africa before she went to work in Sudan in 2006 and has resided there since.

An advisor for civil society organizations on behalf of The German Development Service (ded), who has lived two and a half years in rural Sudan, she started her own literary photography project Sand in my Eyes, Sudanese Moments in 2009. In 2010 she was deployed as an international expert to UNESCO running a pioneer project to systematically document intangible cultural heritage in Sudan.

Currently she is a freelance consultant on development for international organizations and local NGOs, a researcher on intangible heritage in different parts of Sudan, and an editor for different publications reclaiming culture and opening up new spaces of thinking. Sand in My Eyes is her first book.

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