Dale Har­win: The Gene­sis Back­up – Eng­lish Version

Wil­liam Ell is a mathe­ma­tics pro­fes­sor living a quiet life—until his father, a suc­cessful IT entre­pre­neur, is mur­de­red. Was his father’s last pro­ject his undo­ing? What exact­ly was this pro­ject that cost him his enti­re for­tu­ne? Ell beg­ins to inves­ti­ga­te and soon beco­mes a tar­get hims­elf. Someone’s try­ing, by any means neces­sa­ry, to take away his father's only lega­cy: a green gem­stone that con­ta­ins an unknown tech­no­lo­gy. Only a mys­te­rious woman named Alli­son seems to know more about it.

But the path she leads him down chal­lenges Ell's belief in reality—or what he thought was rea­li­ty, until now …

Gre­at book & com­pel­ling sto­ry­line. I real­ly enjoy­ed rea­ding the book. 

Leo­nie, Ama­zon


, Sei­ten


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